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Meet Hypno Bob

Hypno Bob began practicing hypnosis at the age of 10. He has appeared on TV, in film, and on the radio. You might have seen him recently on MTV, or in a Pepsi commercial with Alex Rodriguez. He’s been featured on America Online’s opening page and in magazines and newspapers.

Hypno Bob has performed for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, The Big Apple Circus and on Casino stages in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He’s also a respected clarinetist and drummer.

Hypno Bob

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events does Hypno Bob do?
Hypno Bob performs at corporate parties, fundraisers, colleges. High schools, senior centers, private parties. Since Hypno Bob has performed literally thousands of shows, he is extremely flexible to any circumstance. Audiences trust Hypno Bob.
Will he make me act like a chicken?
Nobody is embarrassed during Hypno Bob’s shows. His performances are positive events in which the wonders of the mind are demonstrated. They are funny, though!
How many people does it take for a Hypnotism show?
The ideal number is 200, but Hypno Bob has worked with groups as small as 30. Also, since stage demonstrations of hypnotism are visually entertaining, an audience of a thousand people or more is not unreasonable.
What does the party organizer need to provide?
Nothing really. Hypno Bob will bring a room-filling sound system if needed, music and most everything else. Every show is videotaped and DVDs are available for purchase. Since Hypno Bob has so much experience, he can help you predict all the unknowns.
Where is Hypno Bob located?
Hypno Bob base of operations is beautiful Seattle Washington.
What ages are appropriate?
Ages thirteen and up. People below age 18 must have a signed parental consent form to participate. Generally children and adults do not perform at the same show.
Is Hypnotism a science fiction cult?
Absolutely…NOT! A hypnotist cannot force a subject to do anything against their will. There have been plenty of movies depicting hypnotized people jumping off buildings and going on crime sprees. It’s all nonsense.
Can Hypno Bob make me quit smoking?
Hypno Bob’s shows are for entertainment purposes only. Hypnotherapy is used in a variety of situations, including painless dentistry and childbirth; athletic and scholastic improvement; ADD and ADHD; smoking cessation, and weight control. The National Guild of Hypnotists has an excellent referral program.
How much does it cost?
That depend on many factors, but the price is comparable to many other forms of entertainment, including DJs. Contact Hypno Bob for more information.
How long is a performance?
Generally 60-75 minutes
Are there performances open to the public?
Yes. Contact Hypno Bob to get on the mailing list.
Is it real?
Is it dangerous?

Contact & Booking

Hypno Bob is based in Seattle, Washington.

If you'd like to speak to Hypno Bob, please call:
(206) 795-1600
For Questions and booking information, please write: